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Since sowed a seed,we are about to await patiently

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The type teachs 3 o'clock is: Do not be eager to hope for success. Exchange a word for, namely: Do not be eager to the effect that seek teachs
If really.
For example, when we read an album of paintings to the baby and letting him listen, we cannot count on a baby what to can talk about to us
Impressions, because this perhaps feels disturbed with respect to meeting somebody, doesn't he understand after all? Am I read to him have a sense? Even if
To 0 years old with Chinese character card the baby undertakes " type teachs " , we also cannot appear on hope horse result.
0 years old of education input " impossibly also that one have " to be able to see " outputs " , this are sure to ask a mother people understand well.
Like if memory and understanding must part,considering, "Input " and " output " also must consider apart. Because want after " input "
See through ability of very long period of time " outputs " . Because cannot see " immediately,outputting " , just make so before education
Experts produced misunderstanding, they think: Giving dot " input " is to waste time for nothing. I should say: Because,be he
People this kind of view just caused the gross error that teachs before.
We often can see the case of child of maternal examine orally. When a mother is teaching the child pronunciation, she is met such
Ask the child: "That word, how do you know to read? "If pass examine orally to be able to increase the child's interest,be a favour admittedly,
But this kind of idea that wants to know whether the child remembers truly cannot be taken. Because, if adult is eager to hope for success, child
Child the curiosity of good not easy bud can be hit.
When appropriate period comes, type education just can blossom and bear fruit. If the child had savvy, I believe,
He understood the " material " that remembers before naturally. And, this kind of understanding cannot be importuned, and can rely on the child only
The ability of oneself goes coming true. When I hope mother and baby are contacted, should the baby has exuberant absorption ability, and do not answer
Should pursue only the effect before.
Come back to talk about beautiful wheel again now. The mother of beautiful wheel is done strictly according to my requirement, do not do any " explanation " , only
Be see card again and again to the baby, read card. Will look according to the record, the Chinese character that beautiful wheel can understand by oneself is in not
Break increase. Below, I introduce a records simply to everybody.
When mother and beautiful wheel play together, remember beautiful wheel in one's childhood thing, she holds odd handgrip in the arms to go up to the waist, say " cicada " .
The mother has a long time to do not have so said. The mother can hold beautiful wheel in the arms easily before when rising, be in charge of this kind
The pose of single hand cuddle calls " cicada " . Really, the " cicada " that pose of this kind of cuddle lets person couplet think of to climb to go up in the tree.
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