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What should notice after Caesarean birth?

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What should notice after Caesarean birth?
Caesarean birth is to show uterus of incision of classics abdomen wall takes out the baby, caesarean birth and normal childbirth photograph are compared, apparent change produced on puerpera airframe: The uterus gets traumatic, it is normal to affected an uterus in contractive; operation exsanguine, make element content expedites child delivery to reduce in blood, after affecting art of uterine instauration; abstinence, body empty activity is little, make the uterus enters basin defer, lochia duration lengthens the scar in; art, puerpera spirit is tired out, pituitary secretes inadequacy of the element that urge breast, the effect is galactic and normal secrete etc. This shows, must strengthen truly after Caesarean birth nurse, in order to protect Muying restful.
The attention shoulds not be smooth lie: Action of the narcotic after the operation disappears, puerpera cut feels aching, and smooth lie the ache with seat contractive palace is sensitive, reason should adopt side to lie, make the body and bed spend part into 20-30, can fill up quilt or blanket rearward, be opposite in order to reduce the body when shift of cut shake and pull pull painful.
Notice unfavorable repose: After the consciousness after art restores, should have limbs activity, should practice turning over after 24 hours, sit up, get out of bed slowly activity, can enhance gastric bowel peristalsis so, as early as possible exhaust, still can prevent the embolism that alvine adhesion reachs thrombosis and causes other position.
The attention shoulds not be too full: Path of the bowel when laparotomy is unavoidable should be stimulated, gastric bowel course is normal the function is restrained, alvine peristalsis is decelerated relatively. If be fed more,can make content grow in quantity metabolizes inside bowel, in alvine path detention time is lengthened, this can cause constipation not only, and grow in quantity yield gas, the abdomen presses heighten, go against rehabilitation. So, 6 hours of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces after art are abstinence, later again step up appetite.
   The attention eats fish less: According to research, fish contains material of a kind of organic acid, it has the effect that restrains plaque agglutinate, after adverse operation hemostatic the heal that reachs cut.
Notice seasonable defecate: After Caesarean birth, because cause abdomen to dare not exert oneself to do sth. sorely, relieve oneself cannot be excreted in time, easy cause retention of urine and defecate constipate, the puerpera after reason art should be pressed be used to seasonable relieve oneself at ordinary times.
The attention takes strict precautions against a cold: Cold cough can affect cut heal, drama coughs to be able to cause cut to tear off even. Already the puerpera of head cold should take medical treatment in time. Additional, want to ensure abdominal cut and perineal ministry are clean, scratchy when do not scratch catch, should not use not clean article to swab more.
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