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The mom in confinement most need what nutrition

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The puerpera is badly in need of compensatory nutrition, the battalion of puerperium is cured bad, the body rehabilitation that matters to a puerpera directly and new student health grows. The sanitarian measure of confinement period is varied, among them one the most important is to strengthen dietary nutrition, a few days after laborring especially, digestive function gradually below exuberant circumstance, should eat all sorts of abounding more more nutrient food. The puerpera eats the food such as some of flesh, egg, fish except how in puerperium outside, eat a few vegetable more even.
1. Egg: Egg nutrition is rich, protein content is high, and still contain element of lecithin, yolk to reach a variety of vitamins and mineral, digest easily, suit puerpera edible. But also not be to eat morer to had been jumped over. Position of some areas customarily eats an egg more, even one day wants 30 to eat 20 ~ , this was not necessary, because overfeeding also cannot be absorbed by the body, can be excreted to go out in vain, still can affect normal digestive function, so, the puerpera need not exceed 4 ~ everyday 6 eggs.
2. Brown sugar: The grapes Pu sugar that contains as a result of brown sugar place is more than white sugar much, the meeting after so drink takes brown sugar makes puerpera whole body warm. The content of the iron in brown sugar can give a puerpera high to enrich the blood, contain in brown sugar a variety of microelement and mineral, can diuresis, prevention and cure is postpartum urinary incontinence, stimulative lochia eduction, brown sugar still has raw milk, acetanilide effect. But also do not want edible overmuch, general and drinkable cannot exceed 10 days, time is too long increase lochia of courage and uprightness, and can make in summer the puerpera perspires more and inside body little salt.
3. Soup: Soup of chicken broth, fish, chop soup is contained easily the protein that human body absorbs, vitamin, mineral, and flavour is delicious can stimulate gastric juice to secrete, increase appetite, still can promote secrete breast. The puerpera perspires much plus lactescence, water requirement wants prep above average person, because this puerpera wants the much juice that drink boiling water. But the expert reminds, drinking boiling water more while, did not forget to want to eat some of meat more, the flesh should be abounded more than the nutrition of soup, the sort of " soup compares the flesh more nourishing " the view is unscientific.
4. Millet: The vitamin B1 with millet rich content and vitamin B2, can help puerpera refection, exciting bowel wriggles, stomachic. But the expert reminds, millet congee shoulds not be too rare, and in postpartum also cannot be staple food completely with millet, lest lack other nutrition.
5. Lotus lotus root: Contain in lotus lotus root many starch, vitamin and mineral, nutrition is rich, delicate tastily, it is dispel silt gives birth to new optimal vegetable, can be good at lienal beneficial stomach, embellish impetuous raises shade, travel blood changes silt, clear heat gives birth to breast. The puerpera takes lotus lotus root more, can as soon as possible is cleared the gore of the stockpile inside the abdomen, stomachic, help aid digestion, make lactescence, conduce to pair of new students feed.
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