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Blame look cannot, confined nutrition jewel

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Blame look cannot, confined nutrition jewel
The puerpera in confinement needs a large number of nutrition, the energy that wastes in order to complement when pregnancy and childbirth, but in postpartum 9 days had better eat some delicate and digestible food, increase gradually later contain rich protein, carbohydrate and right amount and adipose food. Daily include staple food 500 grams (steamed bread, biscuit, noodle, rice) ; The flesh kind or fish 150~200 gram; Egg 3~5; Bean products 100 grams (bean curd, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, skin of soya-bean milk) ; A fermented drink made from ground beans or milk 250~500 are overcome; Fresh vegetable 500 grams (spinach, Chinese cabbage, celery, turnip, cauliflower, cole, kidney bean, cucumber) ; Hour of meal second half eats 1~2 fruit (apple, orange, banana, pear) .
Food wants diversification, want to notice element of degree of finish, meat or fish is tie-in. Dish is given priority to with Shang Cai, every eat should have a boiling water (soup of chicken broth, fish, food boiling water, congee) . Meal both neither is too sweet, salty nevertheless also. Summer the fruit is abluent flay can edible, do not need to add lukewarm; The fruit that Dan Gang takes out from inside freezer, should put eat again a little while too indoors; Northward winter is cold, can put the fruit Wen Shuizhong to immerse half hours to eat again.
The avoid certain food in confinement, in civilian terribly popularity. Especially the puerpera's mother-in-law or grandma, often be not to let eat this, do not let eat that, some places are circulating up to now in confinement besides eat millet congee and egg beyond, other what avoid. Of this kind of avoid certain food consuetudinary it is unscientific. Because many nutrition needs during confinement in childbirth,this is, it is those who use the body when complement is pregnant and laborring is many use up, 2 it is to should arise many galactic come feed feed darling. If avoid certain food is too much, food is too drab, cannot satisfy above two kinds of need. Say egg of fish of food grains other than wheat and rice of the food crops in confinement, chicken, fresh vegetable is mixed so all sorts of fruits can eat, and want eat more than ever a few, ability assures the need of puerpera oneself and baby.
Whats can have the lying-in woman in confinement, did not need any avoid certain food? Either. In confinement ought to diet what, how Where is avoid certain food?
1 diet is acrimony
The food such as a kind of sedge of leek, garlic, chili, peppery, fennel, wine and drink sex taste are bitter, lukewarm dry, surfeit can make suffer from excessive internal heat is heated up inside the puerpera, talking around gives birth to sore, defecate constipate or haemorrhoid break out, the meeting after the baby sucks the breast causes stomatitis, the defect such as dribble. So, above is tasted tartly serving as condiment is possible, but cannot eat more.
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