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Pregnant woman appropriate has coarse food grain appropriately

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Pregnant woman appropriate has coarse food grain appropriately
Element of meat or fish is the collocation of prandial appropriate degree of finish of pregnant woman, tie-in, do not eat so that live essence of life, cause certain nutrition element to absorb insufficient. A lot of coarse food grain are having the dietotherapy effect that expect is less than.
One, corn corn contains a lot ofnot magnesian, saturated fatty acid, thick albumen, amylaceous, mineral, carotene to wait for a variety of nutrition composition, get the favour of dweller of whole world each district. Corn whole body is treasure, each place have different nutrient part. Yellow corn seed, call maize plant food again. It contains a lot ofmagnesian element. Magnesium can help hemal diastole, strengthen alvine wall peristalsis, increase bile, those who make the waste material inside human body excrete, be helpful for body metabolism. It still contains a lot ofthe amino acid that a variety of human body place such as glutamic acid need, what can promote cerebrum cell is metabolic, be helpful for eliminating a head to organize medium ammonia. Balas rice seed is main distinguishing feature with containing a lot ofvitamin B2. It is OK that pregnant woman often eats the riboflavin such as ulcer of phlogistic, glossitis, oral cavity lacks precaution and remedial quarrel disease.
Corn oil is main distinguishing feature with containing a lot ofvitamin E. Often eat not only can hairdressing, and the content that still can reduce the cholesterol in blood, can prevent and cure arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
The embryo of corn and pollen contain a lot ofnatural vitamin E. Often eat can enhance physical strength and staying power, can prevent and cure effectively " sex of cell of gravid Ju Yougong is anaemic " .
Corn needs water of decoct water acting tea, advantageous make water, step-down, clear heat, disappear is fed, hemostatic, stop the effect such as have diarrhoea. Can use at preventing and cure the disease such as inflammation of gravid hypertensive syndrome, courage and indigestion.
2, yam yam weighs sweet potato again or pachyrhizus. Before, people often has yam to regard poor performance as. Actually, yam contains a lot ofstarch, its the content of A of amino acid, vitamin, B, C and cellulose prep above rice and flour. The iron that it still contains a lot ofhuman body to need, calcium mineral, it is the macrobian food with comprehensive nutrition. The scientist of the United States and Japanese two countries considers to make clear jointly, yam contains the material of similar female hormone, after pregnant woman edible can the skin is white tender exquisite. Contain in yam stick albumen, it is a kind of polysaccharide and protein mixture, belong to collagen and stick much saccharide material. Of stimulative cholesterol of this kind of material excrete, prevent adipose precipitation of the heart and vessels, safeguard the flexibility of arterial blood-vessel, protect a heart effectively thereby, prevent cardiovascular disease. So, yam is the nutrient health food of pregnant woman.
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