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Month of confinement after giving birth to a child is sick must confinement is t

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Month of confinement after giving birth to a child is sick must confinement treats   some puerperas to be when confinement in childbirth, because did not nurse good, postpartum because wind is blown, the reason such as catch cold catch cold, food, Morpheus, got confinement disease. Great majority feels systemic coma, all over heavy, frozen, strut. A few people hear of the disease that gets in confinement, ability must be treated to be treated well in confinement, lv of heart the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen is then disturbed, pained unceasingly.
Confinement is called on medicine " puerperium " , it is to point to the computation since the first day from childbirth hind, full by a definite date of a month. Traditional habit of China takes a puerpera seriously very much " confined " , because, have a lot of women healthy at ordinary times, but, in sat " confinement " got disease however later. What reason is this?
Original, in puerperium, the puerpera's body and spirit are very fatigue. Be pregnant later period " burden " overweight, action inconvenience; Before about to give birth, the mood very easy insecurity, fear and angst uneasiness; Parturient when, because palace shrinks, make the mother rests in whole delivery process bad, the body is very fatigue; After childbirth, nightly should nurse for the baby, change diaper, should attend again by day baby, already tired body restores very hard instantly temporarily. Add function of postpartum body endocrine to be in " queasy " and afresh " combination " period, the immune function of airframe drops, local cut did not heal, lochia was not used up. In this kind of whole body and local resistance poor condition falls, be very easy go to the bad. If puerpera or else notices the body after childbirth to maintain, undeserved heart cold heat (nightly in the winter change it is diaper, easy to nurse catch a cold; Summer covet is cool and) of catch a cold, in this kind of healthy atmosphere insufficient circumstance falls, chill of easier diseases caused by external factors, ill evil is invaded and cause disease. So, a few old people take seriously very much " confined " , have certain and scientific reason.
But, "The go to the bad in confinement is treated in confinement only " this kind of view, lack enough scientific basis however. After one individual go to the bad, its remedy no more than is medicaments (include an operation) , rest and nutrition. In fact, one after the individual fell ill, unless get a severe disease bedfastly, will tell commonly is a lay particular stress on at medicationing (take medicine, give or take an injection) and easy negligence rests and nutrition, but some are ill, especially body empty weak, the lie in bed with sufficient course rests and good nutrition complements, it is OK disease goes to what body heals, and " confined " just can accomplish this completely, this makes some old people think by accident " confined " can cure certain disease.
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