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When confinement in childbirth how shampoo bathes

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How confined - - bathe about shampoo waiting this a moment also is the proposal that comes from confinement center, likelihood and everybody are in what other place sees to have usually different, ask each takes what he needs.
- - forbidden shampoo, but need to use scalp of accurate method cleanness
Shampoo can affect the eduction of postpartum lochia badly, want scalp only one catch cold catch cold, in the uterus corrupt blood can condense into clot immediately, not easy eduction. Even if blow immediately work to also do not allow, besides blows a head to cause head wind very easily to reach with blower have a headache.
Clean method is as follows: Will officinal alcohol lies between water tepid, spend bedew with pledget, hair departure, around left and right sides cleanses scalp, after massaging the head with the hand a bit, reoccupy post brushs dirty content fall, this law but at anteprandial day the day is wiped.
- - rub oneself down with a wet towel is replaced bathe
To prevent catch cold catch cold, postpartum two cannot bathe inside week, but should use correct methodological rub oneself down with a wet towel, it is OK that the 3rd week rises bath, full moon is rear but bubble bath.
The boiled water that use heat adds agitate of salt of 10G of rejoin of 10CC officinal alcohol, after soaking towel, take out pigheaded dry, clean the office that the body perspires, morning and evening each.
- - facial ministry is clean
Wash a face to brush one's teeth should use tepid water, cannot use cold water.

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