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Darling n

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If 1. is drivel, can use suck bazoo implement; If be excrement doing bazoo, can go buying the small clincher of nose excrement of a kind of special clip, plastic, roundlet head, when waiting for darling to be asleep, place, the movement should be about light.
2. spends rub to become the sliver with darling nostril size with pledget, darling nostril is put after be being soaked with water first in wet bazoo excrement, dry sliver of the reoccupy after be being taken out sticks nose excrement come out.
3. takes cod-liver oil or physiological saline drips each in nostril, such meeting bate nose excrement, cross the child a little while to hit a sneeze to be able to give nose excrement be taken.
4. puts a humidifier in the room that opens air conditioning in the evening, can increase indoor humidity, alleviate the child because air is dry and the n&v snuffle that cause.

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