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Yuesao plays a game of the year guerrilla war

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Mr. Zhao, who lives two Tongling Road Tengen trouble yet, and his wife ill in confinement, finally found a Yuesao to help post-natal care, other home service twice, once to do massage, and the other one was sent to prolactin drugs, less than four hours in total charges of up to 1,000 yuan, and then no longer a door. Time off in recent years, Hefei domestic service industry into the market peak, known as Home Economics is a white-collar Yuesao "Sao" hard to find, but some families struggling to find a candidate for trouble, but found not so beautiful as it looks. Busy children as ganchang Yuesao business Zhao carrying a can of milk-like medicine, as complained, "What is special Yuesao that drug, but it looks who would drink it." In order to find a temporary Yuesao, Mr. Zhao can be run no less, from Yaohai to Luyang District, at least a dozen domestic intermediary contacted, the reply is at the end of the business is busy Yuesao, at least two weeks in advance to make an appointment. Let Mr. Zhao did not expect that the money could have been the easy way, multi-search recruited a Yuesao, the results are still sent money effect is not obvious. "We just lack of experience as parents, how to say we can only do so Yuesao." Laments Mr. Zhao, who Yuesao it is a busy cell phone ringing during home visits, each of the customers are calling to is speeding like son, according to this charge, made a go absolutely earned. Tight market, some fish in troubled waters Reporter visited a number of domestic services in Hefei, the industry reflects a number of people has been in short supply this year Yuesao situation, but the overall level of monthly income Yuesao beginning of the year up a lot. The person in charge of a household is not without worries that Yuesao currently more popular in the domestic industry, domestic service than in the ordinary, indeed Yuesao higher incomes, higher social status, so many people think of ways squeeze Come in, bringing the market but good and the bad. "Yuesao fees generally two to three thousand per month, earning 1,000 yuan a few hours too much water, and medicine can not you eat the so-called prolactin." The responsible person said that the market in Hefei Yuesao like to see some fight as a guerrilla , Which are making money to shop and go a few weeks, resulting in too strong liquidity, quality of service so that customers can not be guaranteed. Can not get a certificate of competency Anhui Anke women's vocational training centers introduced, the state does not have a moment of Yuesao clear industry standard, if strictly from the perspective of vocational training, to become a real Yuesao, not to say that simply take a domestic flight attendant Certificate to be qualified. "From a practical point of view, meet the care needs of high-quality real Yuesao not many." Ms Ho told reporters that, in principle, at least to get the intermediate certificate Yishang domestic workers, but also has many years of experience in domestic service Putong , and then selected one of the best people, to the relevant hospital for specialized training, after the final inspection of several family services, qualified only after a month of nursing staff posts, which is commonly known as Yuesao. Even more targeted regulation Ms Xu practitioners for many years in view, the existence of Yuesao market needs, is a manifestation of the people living increase, indicating that many young parents, more and more attention to post-natal and maternal and child care. "However, some families also exposed psychological comparisons." Her analysis, many people come to scream for star Yuesao, it seems that the more you pay the better, boosting the number of Yuesao dare mouth Luanhan price, which is species of blind consumer behavior. Women's Anhui Province, an expert believes that the relatively weak link in the current oversight is a big reason, the Government must pay close attention to the introduction of the industry for Yuesao more detailed regulations, so as to further increase irregularities in domestic intermediary supervision.
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