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Liaoning: Chain domestic industry to attract 125,000 women as Yuesao

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Laid-off workers in Shenyang Han Yanmei recent chain of centers in the domestic training to become a monthly income of 2,000 yuan Yuesao. Liaoning Provincial Women's Federation, through the establishment of domestic chain of centers and other training institutions, the past two years has accumulated 12.5 million were absorbed into the urban and rural women such as home economics class Yuesao jobs. Recent years, with the promotion of socialization of housework, Liaoning Yuesao cities, Sao feeding the increasing demand for domestic services such as professional, for the unemployed and rural women, migrant women to provide a large number of jobs. November 2008, Liaoning Province Women's Federation set up a new style domestic chain of centers, the use of "government support to promote women's federations, enterprise management, market-oriented operation" mode, rapidly in Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan and other places opened 10 chain of sub-centers . Domestic chain of centers to employ the new style of experienced full-time teacher training, free training for the waiting list of women professional skills of housekeeping services. In the chain of domestic services, led by the province's federations at all levels to carry out extensive domestic service training and job development assistance this year to more than 5 million women become Yuesao. Chain of domestic service has been extended to members of the family cleaning, cooking teacher, and many other professional categories accompany old age. Liaoning Provincial Women's Federation has also developed together with relevant departments, "domestic service organization management code of conduct", "child-care service standards" to regulate the domestic market, improve service levels.
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