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The first two certified training course Yuesao Yuesao monthly salary of 3,000 y

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Yesterday, the Federation held in Jiangmen City, Jiangmen City, and two child-care training courses for first graduation ceremony in Jiangmen City in Women and Children Centre. 111 child-care workers after 150 hours of systematic training of human resources through the Jiangmen City And Social Security Bureau strict examination results and obtained a certificate of professional competence of the special feeding. It is understood that these trained, certified Yuesao most of the 3,000 yuan monthly salary. Yuesao happy wage increase "Know a lot of scientific knowledge to take care of BB, when care professional, the host family are happy, we get paid, can upset you?" Yuesao Guo aunt said, "I am an ordinary rural women in the past, do not would say that ordinary , Then the computer will not only work at home. Two years ago, I went to town looking for a job, do aunt in someone's home, wages are only a few hundred dollars for a start, the host family are still not satisfied, even for a few of them. " Guo aunt told reporters later that Yuesao Jiangmen City Women's Federation in organizing training courses, you come to learn, through the systematic training that he will now speak Mandarin, but also to understand some simple computer knowledge and more importantly, their own learning Parental knowledge of science, "Now I'm in someone's home to do Yuesao, there are 2,000 yuan a month salary." She said. Monthly salary of 3,000 yuan holder Yuesao The scene at the graduation ceremony, the reporter interviewed a random Song aunt, Chen Yi and several aunts, who told reporters that his current monthly salary is 3,000 yuan. "There is no training prior to one month up to 2,000 yuan, in general 2,000 yuan, "Chen Yi told reporters," After the training, I went home others do Yuesao, are more than 3,000 yuan a month, but also not afraid to make their own bad. " Song aunt also told reporters that he had to do housekeeping, income of 1,000 yuan a month, and now learned their parenting knowledge, but also get a certificate, a lot higher income. The third phase began training Yuesao Reporter activities of women and children from the center of Jiangmen City, learned in May of this year to the present, since the Yuesao training classes, there have been two students have graduated, and 111 child-care workers after 150 hours of systematic training, after Jiangmen Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security rigorous results in the examination and obtained a certificate of professional competence of the special feeding. "At present, had just commenced the third course of Yuesao," center the person in charge said, "this issue has more than 20 participate in the study."
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