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China Jewel in the Palace the capital of Fushun Heat

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Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing, near a community, several women with children in the garden enjoying the warm spring in March. Some children their mother, grandmother some children, one of which is from Fushun Yuesao . Her name is Lu Juan, 44 years old, 3 years ago, the East Africa region is one of Fushun laid-off women, now a senior child-care division in the capital. Lu Juan to Beijing more than two years only two of the job done. From birth to baby care, the first employer out of the office with her feelings that a child can not do without her, how would not let go. Ms. Wang to the present employer Home after he copied the first story. Juan Lu now pay rose to 1,500 yuan from 2,100 yuan per month. "Fushun Yuesao" to "high demand" The late 90s of last century, "Fushun Yuesao" after another to break into Beijing. From the "Century Baby" to "Desktop Wallpaper Gold", to today's "Olympic baby" several rounds of growth in the capital launched the "storm" of the same , Also brought serious "Yuesao" wild, like Miss Juan Zheyang out by the output of the organized government, "Fushun Yuesao" Start a large number enter the Beijing. March 5, 2008, K96 train carrying 285 from the East Africa region, "Fushun Yuesao" arrived at Beijing Railway Station, Station, there are 23 domestic company Beijing placards waiting staff. According to the Secretary for Tung Chau Cao Employment Yu Qing, this is to welcome the "Olympic baby", the Beijing carrier "Fushun Yuesao" the largest, the largest one. Unexpected, this 285 "Fushun Yuesao" did not even appear in the assigned The vacancies, there are several domestic companies because there are "Fushun Yuesao" and endless regret. A domestic company in Beijing, journalists free to open a Yuesao service information, household registration "Fushun" Yuesao greets from time to time, including one called Liang Chunlan Yuesao attracted the eyes of journalists. Domestic companies This is her introduction: simple man, kind, humble, studious, thoughtful of maternal and infant care. As a result of outstanding contracts the majority of users in more than three months, and repeat customers Trinidad and Tobago. Along with the user is Good, common communication, and sometimes find time to see the baby. In recent years, Liang Chunlan New Year are spent on the job, the user is affectionately called her the "Dae Jang Geum." "Qualities such as Liang Chunlan Yuesao, employers will soon be picked to go." Company officials said her company has 500 domestic service, and Fushun, who account for more than half, Beijing favor "Fushun Yuesao "are mainly easy to communicate in language, habits and customs are very similar, there is not suited to the problem. "Fushun Yuesao" fame will be greater With the "Fushun Yuesao" growing fame, the city authorities also want to make a brand, not only started the Beijing market, but also the development of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places, but, for various reasons "Fushun Yuesao "not registered, the place is a very strong local flavor," Sister Moon Township, "the title. "From the first 'bright Yuesao', and now 'Sister Moon Township', name change, its meaning has remained unchanged, no matter what kind of title, they all come from Fushun this black land." Fushun Beijing Liaison Officer Zhao Yingshun said title is not important, the key is good quality in Fushun sister simple, hard-working spirit in Beijing has been firmly established, this is the most valuable, but also cherished and carried forward. Because of this , Beijing, more than 100 domestic companies and we have established long-term cooperative relations, including 12 as the re-employment bases in Fushun. "Fushun Yuesao" With the unique advantage to win the Beijing market, and Beijing's domestic companies in the taste, "Fushun Yuesao" sought-after of the sweetness, also wants more training under the "capital." Tung Chau Cao Employment Secretary Yu Qing, told reporters in Beijing a few domestic companies prepared to send staff dedicated to training Yuesao Fushun, in the future can Yuesao to Beijing after the appointment, do not have to accept the induction training. Beijing in charge of a domestic company said that with the continuous improvement of the quality Yuesao the future, "Fushun Yuesao" will become more popular, fame will be greater, because of Beijing's employers choose to "Fushun Yuesao" and a sense of To the happy and proud.
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