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Cottage 300 yuan for selling Yuesao

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Coincides with the baby boom, Yuesao hot and income have gone up. Some companies targeting black business opportunities, selling the "unauthorized" Yuesao certificate, the highest price as long as 300. "We often find that some of the 'Knock' Yuesao cards, accounting for about one-third of the total. Buyers mostly novice." Yuesao a professional company official told reporters, who see the needs of large and high-income Yuesao not Pity to spend money on fake documents. Currently there are about ten thousand Yuesao in Shanghai, the average age of less than 35 years, among them Yuesao certificate as the position of the "stepping stone." It is understood that all kinds of Shanghai domestic market of nearly 10 kinds of qualification certificates, such as hospitals awarded Health certificate issued by the labor department issued a certificate of domestic employees, Yuesao certificate issued by the nursing department, as well as various domestic companies engaged in the stars own training certificate.
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