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The end of the year will appear to Yichang the city zone " baby-sitter barren "

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Nowadays, live baby-sitter already made the indispensable part in a lot of families with each passing day. Recently, the reporter discovers in visit, the end of the year near, baby-sitter is sprucer and sprucer also.

The end of the year is close " baby-sitter barren " grow in intensity

"Do in the end one year, the gladdest thing reunites with family namely spend the New Year, if do not go back, earn how many money not happy. " this word spoke Xiaolin the aspirations of a lot of baby-sitter. But housekeeper says sentence " do obeisance to do obeisance to " go person, rangpingri depends on hard to avoid be used to the family of baby-sitter is immersed in ado in.

"The child nobody cooks nobody belt, 3 food, wholesome nobody is done... " in the city zone some homemaking company, the reporter met the citizen that comes round to ask housekeeper hurriedly Mr Zhang, he says his home darling just a year old big, cannot leave a person at all, next month baby-sitter is about to return old home, he is registered to each homemaking company hastily, still hold a friend in the palm to make visit everywhere, as a result a baby-sitter also was not found.

The reporter browsed of company of a few homemaking register book, the baby-sitter that discovery registers already by employer " grab " go.

Unbalance of supply and demand sends housekeeper " choose whatever is to one's personal advantage "

"The demand of baby-sitter is higher and higher. " the abundant lady that lives in exterminate hill area tells a reporter, she pays live baby-sitter every months 600 yuan salary, monthly pay already rose greatly, but baby-sitter is dissatisfactory still.

"She often has oneself and other baby-sitter comparative, the working environment that blames oneself next, pay is inferior to other. " abundant lady thinks, baby-sitter vies each other also may be to bring about baby-sitter to go up one of reasons of firewood.

Unbalance of supply and demand still makes baby-sitter " choose whatever is to one's personal advantage " become a possibility. Introduce according to director of some homemaking company, some baby-sitter are very captious to client family condition, the child is too small do not wish to go, the home has a patient not to wish to go, love to go only those wealthy families serve.

Year end takes baby-sitter tricks of the trade: Communication + red bag

Sexagenarian Zou old lady tells a reporter, the tricks of the trade that year end takes nurse depends on communicating with red bag.

"It is very important to strengthen the communication between you and baby-sitter, produce divergent moment when employer and baby-sitter especially. For instance sometimes you see baby-sitter some place was not swept clean, but she thinks already clean. Appear when this kind of circumstance, you should tell her explicitly, what is ' clean ' , give her a level. Give her a level..

Zou old lady tells a reporter: "Present baby-sitter mostly very actual, some baby-sitter can find new job for 50 yuan raises person. Year end red bag, baby-sitter of OK and temporary tarry. Baby-sitter of OK and temporary tarry..
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