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The Spring Festival " homemaking barren " near homemaking company go to the coun

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Chinese network news (reporter Qi Xiang) yesterday one big early, wuhan " young nurse " Li Shulin drives homemaking company controller toward filial piety to feel hurriedly, groom freely below help of local labor department homemaking labour, the purpose is employee of invite applications for a job. Face annual Spring Festival " homemaking barren " , wuhan each big homemaking company exert all over skill, go to the countryside looks for employee.

Nearly one many month comes, to be the first to rise in revolt, the company that the choose estate market such as start asks homemaking of invite applications for a job is versed in is not little, but applicant is very few. Last week 5, li Shulin goes to spot invite applications for a job in person, sat one day, the person that have a to apply for a job only filled in to apply for. But under, can receive circumjacent rural area continuously only, the form that lest expend,grooms enrols a person.

Lang Yonghan of side homemaking controller introduces, before some year, he wants go to the countryside every year a few times to enrol employee, but results is not much. Income of Wuhan homemaking industry is not high, a little a bit more outstanding female of the youth in the country is southeasterly run littoral, go to the countryside enrols a person to be not easy thing. Add an industry to compete, wuhan homemaking enterprise enrols employee to countryside, can use only " grab " the word will describe.

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