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Consumer appeal publishs industry of byelaw standard homemaking

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With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, minimum wage of baby-sitter of market of this city homemaking rose this year nearly 100 yuan. Yesterday, attend " the road that ab extra Wu is versed in personnel city develops " Li Dajing discloses the chairman of association of city homemaking service of forum of Beijing open space say, at present the grade of company of service of this city homemaking differentiates the standard is in the phase that draft, predicting next year is allowed this to will be carried out formally by the mark that the branch allots related the government.
Li Dajing is being accepted when interviewing, express, individual a few days ago orgnaization is acclaimed of purpose or drive up the practice of homemaking price and market are real circumstance not conform to, at present homemaking market supply and demand is in smooth condition. Nevertheless, and compared last year, scope of price fall of service of the homemaking after the Spring Festival is less this year, at present baby-sitter lowest price is 700 go to 750 yuan, than last year the corresponding period wants tower above 50 go to 100 yuan. "This price basically is to show culture administrative levels is inferior, firm join the new hand of travel, do not include a month elder brother's wife, medium high-end baby-sitter, the baby-sitter start salary that has certain culture base for instance can achieve 800 yuan. " as we have learned, baby-sitter minimum wage rises somewhat, basically wait for an element to concern with the attune on prices and market demand change.
Beijing home assist the in the light of this city place of general homemaking company makes tens of homes investigation end August shows, in the homemaking company with at present average capital, salary serves personnel in 800 yuan of the following homemaking, salary is reached 1000 yuan occupied below nearly 9 into, salary is in of 1200 yuan of above only 10% is control. Li Dajing says, be in into case of travel current price at the beginning of lunar elder brother's wife now 1000 yuan go to 1200 yuan, it is commonly 1500 go to 1600 yuan, it is 2500 yuan or so high.
According to introducing, at present city homemaking association is drafting homemaking to serve constituent order and degree to delimit the relative standard of dispenses assess. As " homemaking serves current requirement " regulation of form a complete set, this mark brigadier that predicting next year carries out formally considers a homemaking to serve company component to be 5 level, the government concerns sectional general to undertake grading according to 8 respects such as administrative levels of enterprise dimensions, management area, management, predict to be worth on any account to serve an organization to award different star degree respectively to homemaking according to cent. Concerned personage discloses, the normative treaty wording that the homemaking enterprise that brings into grade management needs to concern a branch to release according to the government signs an agreement.
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