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Of server of a homemaking truer

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Dispatch of day hill net (reporter Xing Ning is reported) on November 4, liu Xinying tells a reporter, she prepares a homemaking to serve a company, but must find the homemaking clerk that be willing and works seriously like her first.

2003, liu Xinying is emeritus, she what do not stay in the home thinks: "Oneself also do not have other craft, flat to the person dry homemaking service calculated. " in those days, the competition of industry of black city homemaking is very intense, saying is an emeritus old lady, it is youth of many years old 30 a lot of cannot find work to work. Letting what person of the same trades did not think of is, 3 short after the month, liu Xinying is done not have from a client, developed actually " carry " client.

Person of the same trade some feel puzzled, ask Liu Xinying often sends calling card?

"Send that dry what. "Send that dry what..

"If work well, people can call actively to me, if work bad, hair is again much calling card is trashy also. Hair is again much calling card is trashy also..

After Liu Xinying and person of the same trade had done homemaking to serve, discovered the person of the same trade's problem. Just arrived in the morning an ability a little while, the companion receives a telephone call, listen reach, the phone is that to asking another to have time cleanness afternoon. Actually, this work works to estimate so that worked at 11 o'clock from in the morning entirely afternoon at 5 o'clock.

"Sure, punctual at 3 o'clock afternoon arrive. Punctual at 3 o'clock afternoon arrive..

Need the working hours of 6 hours originally, as a result 3 many hours ended hurriedly, the quality that work canned be imagined.

Liu Xinying says: "Even some person of the same trades received a telephone call at 8 o'clock in the late evening, go working to others even, a person's top record can give 4 clean rooms one day. After such work works, of the client be being led later is almost 0. Of the client be being led later is almost 0..

Look in Liu Xinying, working hours, serious degree becomes direct ratio with the effect of clean room, corrupt beg much idea no good greatly, the person's energy is finite, dry homemaking service is a skilled work, dark cannot see dirty place, much drier the person's energy can be not centered, these metropolises reduce the effect of clean room, so Liu Xinying decided custom to oneself: Everyday most only clean, also do not do the 2nd to again much money.

Liu Xinying works very serious, no matter the person is had to be in in client home, working is same, light brushs a glass the genuflect when she is about to change water, clean floor board 3 times uses dishcloth bit by bit to brush on the ground; Kitchen aluminous gusset plate as string of 1 she brushs the place that these bottom of top, ambry is coarse concealmenting; Washing machine is very heavy, some still is in ambry, she also pulls serious cleanness; Window of screen window, door also clears very neatly. Once, she is room of cleanness of a client, client come back door of glass of dash against of within an inch of, the reason is the door is brushed too brightly client did not see the door.
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