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Homemaking company is shouting to give baby-sitter raises

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Rose on January 1, 2008, the baby-sitter that once was changed by social brim also wants capture " 3 gold " , to reduce hundreds of yuan " baby-sitter social security is expended " the high cost pressure that to homemaking industry of this small profit brings -- ,

Because homemaking industry fluidity is greater, the situation that signs labor contract is not ideal. Especially baby-sitter this profession, xi'an pursues this professional in 60 thousand much person, do not have more very much attend social insurance, the life lacks safeguard. And be about to carry out " labor contract law " what ask give baby-sitter pay " 3 gold " problem, the air that allows Xi'an homemaking trade abruptly " nervous " rise. Because bear hard every baby-sitter 200 multivariate social security capital, a lot of homemaking companies gave out baby-sitter to go up in succession recently the cry of salary, cause a society an in an uproar.

Xi'an " baby-sitter salary " cry go up sound

Xi'an city on the west some office of large supermarket is in charge of outskirt forces gentleman is a bit irritated recently, supermarket and company of a few homemaking have collaboration, the cleanness of the supermarket cleans the job to be in charge of by the employee of homemaking company all the time, in addition, homemaking company still shouldered supermarket share goods is carried and a few high levels are led " the family serves " the job. But the first ten days of a month begins this month, among them two homemaking company puts forward suddenly: The homemaking service of next year collects fees should rise.

Mr Ma tells a reporter, current, the monthly wages that their supermarket pays every baby-sitter is 500 yuan, because the supermarket is baby-sitter to no matter eat,provide room only, raised 160 yuan cost every months on 500 yuan foundation again so, every monthly wages add up to 660 yuan. Now, homemaking company puts forward: " labor contract law " after was being carried out on January 1 next year, to unit of choose and employ persons it is corporative, should use work time only daily more than 4 hours, want to sign labor contract with employee, it is insurance of its pay society. Come so, they should be themselves of every baby-sitter defray 200, insurance cost of 300 yuan of companies, try every means adds employer head.

The reporter is investigated a few days continuously interview company of Xi'an part homemaking and employer knowledge to arrive, such rising in price is not individual phenomenon. Recently, many property companies that need homemaking company to provide a service at ordinary times and family discover Xi'an, when the collaboration that has next year talks things over, the quote of homemaking company compares apparent before tower above a lot of. Long-term the Xi'an city that with outskirt of Xi'an city north company of a homemaking has collaboration to concern too citizen plum lady tells Hua Lu the reporter, 3 days ago, person of homemaking company group lets sb know to her home say: "Rose January from next year, the nurse that your home place uses go up salary, want every months to increase 150 yuan the least, reason is company next year should give baby-sitter capture social security gold. Subsequently, reporter from Xi'an city east outskirt and south company of 14 of outskirt normal homemaking is in know, if want to carry out what be about to carry out strictly " labor contract law " , they should use baby-sitter to go up necessarily the method of salary digests a company to be every baby-sitter capture " 3 gold " the cost that produces. Among them, 4 companies had begun to consider rising in price matters concerned, inform the employer that has cooperative concern in succession. According to introducing, rise in price extent delimits with the amount of company insurance cost of baby-sitter as far as possible equal-sign.
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