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"Private chamberlain " mount guard

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The near future, one batch passes what more than 20 kinds of skill groom " private chamberlain " already finished groom, division of division of these collect chef, colour, secretary, nutrition and beautician a variety of " the identity " at a suit " baby-sitter " serve the homemaking that enters Shenyang the market.

The Shen Wan that occupy distant signs up for a report, be in Shanghai, Beijing, the homemaking service personnel of this kind of high skill is very popular, and be in distant Shenyang area, their expression still remains of the market examine.

Beautiful " tubal mother-in-law "---Direct accumulate red

Alleged " private chamberlain " the homemaking that goes up unlike common sense serves personnel. According to should grooming chief Ms. Liu of orgnaization Beijing headquarters introduces, attend " private chamberlain " the major that groomed personnel wants to pass more than 20 different mastery of a skill or technique grooms. "Private chamberlain " besides the service that can provide common homemaking personnel, still can the requirement according to employer, provide the service such as combination of collocation of almirah processing, colour, nutrition to its, can be competent even the private secretary of employer, handle working work.

According to divulging, it is early 2007 before the Spring Festival, shenyang the first batch " private chamberlain " groom had begun, not long ago, this batch " private chamberlain " already finished groom, be about to enter the homemaking market of distant Shenyang.

Advanced to this kind " baby-sitter " foreground, ms. Liu expresses, living standard is higher and higher, the demand that individual and family serve to homemaking also gradually by before Bao Jie, cooking and accompany protect to specialization, standardization develops.

Introduce according to her, on the homemaking market of Shanghai, the duty of baby-sitter already produced change sadly. Besides take care of good employer and family, attend to the pet in the home even have add; Do dish to cook a meal by day, pursue literal secretary job in the evening, perhaps plan program, perhaps make financial forms for reporting statistics...

Deputy curator of Hao of guild hall of Shenyang city woman says, homemaking service center was rolled out two period of 7 major groom, include among them nutrition, cooking, noodle and make up etc, "Original we are plan education ' advanced chamberlain member ' , can groom rolled out a few times, we discover, pass a few weeks or of a few months groom, alter the quality from personnel of course of study, ability impossibly at all, so, after they move toward the market, 1500 yuan when we imagine go to 2000 yuan, higher even monthly pay is taken without the person almost get. Groom only that is to say the homemaking that combines ability to foster true high end with practice from personnel of course of study. Groom only that is to say the homemaking that combines ability to foster true high end with practice from personnel of course of study..
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