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The person that provide for the aged serves job to apply for a job closes hard a

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Recently, bureau of prefectural civil administration made investigation one time to state of paramedic of orgnaization of my county provide for the aged, the result is unavoidable your person is anxious: Entire county shares 14 home of respect for the aged, 2 welfare place, paramedic 71, average age all is in above of 55 one full year of life, the personnel that has record of formal schooling of high school, technical secondary school occupies the 8 % of total number only, on the low side of whole of culture administrative levels. Controller of orgnaization of a few provide for the aged expresses but, most and young literate to apply for a job person still cannot pass " close after the flesh " .

"Service center of good aunt homemaking " Director Shi Dequan says: "As economic development, flowing water of person the people's livelihood rises smoothly, senile group is in mental solace, daily nurse the demand that waits for a respect increases increasingly, but the person that is engaged in servive routine of provide for the aged truly is little however little. But the person that is engaged in servive routine of provide for the aged truly is little however little..

The person that have some of to apply for a job spoke among them all the details. Piece of aunt of 52 years old say, oneself had changed a lot of employer, the longest working hours does not exceed 3 months. "Because he busies,a lot of employer are the job, do not have time to patronize an old person, it is good to hope I am attending old person while, had better accompany an old person conversation, read a newspaper... but my disposition compares introversion, add again do not have culture, did employer of period of time dissatisfactory, dismissed me. " Li Hua of 37 years old learns to nurse, but the prospect with be faced with provide for the aged to serve industry so good, still lie at present wait-and-see period. She says: "I come homemaking service center sees the job that has had, but look to also be done not have one morning acceptability. " Li Hua nurses to orgnaization of provide for the aged the job somewhat apprehension, if apply for,went home of respect for the aged, beadhouse, salary is opposite not tall; Go attending in others home old person, although salary is higher, but the time that rules freely was done not have, be afraid that the family member can object.

Say according to the personage inside course of study, nowadays to apply for a job person stem from a lot of reason not to wish to be engaged in servive routine of provide for the aged, some people are afraid of dirty, be afraid of tired, some feel is to be in serve a person, cannot accept on the idea. Some people want to do, but the requirement that the condition of oneself cannot satisfy employer.


Reporter feeling character: Honour old love is old, it is the goodness of our the Chinese nation, hope to apply for a job person sense of discarding die custom, servive routine of provide for the aged of correct look upon. Want to know, be engaged in homemaking of provide for the aged serving that is dedicating for the society the force of a love, ought not to have what worry, the traditional virtue that yields us carries forward in inheritance.
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