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A few knowledge during confinement

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The female of great majority should experience the process of childbirth. Although the baby was born, but puerpera airframe recovers from an illness through ability of period of time even. Arrive from childbirth postpartum 42 days are the period that each organ system renews, call puerperium, common says " confinement " . Confinement is done well, it is crucial to the female's lifetime.

New student from after be born to be born call a new student 28 days period. This is the height of the 2nd development after the development inside afterwards palace, also be the transition that little baby gets used to the life outside the uterus gradually level. Right now children, daily, weekly be in producing change, some are normal physiology phenomena, some are the foreboding of the disease. In view of the new student the function of each organ, each system is not quite mature, the adjustment of central nervous system the function is poorer, often cannot get used to the change of outside ambient; Oneself immunity function is diseased, the capacity of counteractive disease is small. The only food of this phase is mother milk or breast kind, if feed is undeserved, new student fall ill very easily. Once new student sicken should be treated in time, will make otherwise new student airframe gets bigger loss. Accordingly, to the new student nurse meticulously, overall health protection also is all in all.

Visible, the female does confinement to matter to the rehabilitation of puerpera oneself already, matter to a new student again health grows. So family, society should give attention, create a favorable recreational environment, form a kind of joy, harmonious atmosphere.

What problem should note in confinement:

1, environment: The environment that the puerpera lives wants quiet, comfortable, sunny. Indoor even time and ventilated (but should avoid convection wind) , in order to make sure air is fresh, supply enough oxygen to Mu Ying. Room temperature should maintain commonly spend in 18-22, humidity is 60%-65% . If be in winter, to maintain indoor humidity, can go up in central heating or a birdbath is put on ingle, let hydrosphere evaporate be sent.

2, rest: Postpartum should have sufficient breathing space, otherwise the puerpera can appear angst, tired, spirit is depressed, still can affect galactic exudation. In addition, strive for the Morpheus that can have 10 hours everyday, side should be adopted to lie when sleeping, benefit recovers from an illness at the uterus.

3, food: As a result of the physical strength when childbirth use up, plus abdominal sarcous flabby, force of kinetic energy of squirm of path of postpartum stomach bowel is so weaker, because this is postpartum and original,a few days should eat some digest delicately, easily, the food with rich nutrition. Should drink some of boiling water more kind, conduce to next grandmas; Eat some of fruit, vegetable more, with the vitamin that compensatory human body needs. The puerpera of lactation is even compensatory calcic food is calcic perhaps agent. Daily caloric supply is 2700 kilocalorie - 3000 kilocalorie, among them staple food 400 grams, egg 2, milk 250 grams, the flesh kind 100 grams - 150 grams. Bean products 100 grams, green vegetables and fruit 400 grams - 500 grams. Food wants balanced, eat less acrimony, meat still should be added appropriately besides 3 eat.
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