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What homemaking personnel apologizes is artistic

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Homemaking staff often appears in the job a few error, never mind at this moment piece, want active apology, the following should notice when the apology:

One, the apology does not want postpone time, want to had been jumped over earlier, face the other side to make clear clearly. If the thing passes unexpectedly change, it is hard open one's mouth expresses regret, 2 it is the sincerity that auditor will disregard you.

2, the thing that does to oneself is brave in to assume responsibility, do not plead, do not look for excuse, more do not want cover up one's errors; Also do not adopt an important matter to change the attitude that small, bagatelle changed.

3, when apologizing to the other side, want those who listen attentively to the other side to recount, understand his inner requirement, specific aim ground apologizes. Cannot not inspect particular case, use machine-madely " I am sorry " , " excuse please " , want specific issue however concrete analysis, if damaged the thing of others, still ought to compensate for.

4, subjective on want sincerity, show the heart of regret meaning of the heart and sweetheart adequately. If regard the apology as the method of make concessions to avoid trouble, and unmindful, perform one's duty in a perfunctory manner, not only the effect that does not have to be communicated each other, can lose the respect of others instead, make the concern grows to exasperate direction.

5, should give time of the other side the apology with accepting you. Your mistake makes the other side produces discomfort, the other side arrives from dissatisfaction to you forgive, need a course. If you ask him to excuse immediately,was not accepted on the spot, conveyed your apology and disturbed Yi Ke in the past again later. Also can review the case at that time each other, anatomize produces unhappy setting, origin and the unfavorable situation at that time, make what the other side distinguishs to be able to be excused, what is not OK and good-tempered. Through sober analysis, can better the relation of promotional both sides, make up for the break that has created and error.

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