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Make food with soya-bean oil, rapeseed oil, should have fried dish hind to put salt, in order to reduce the loss of the vitamin in vegetable.
Do dish to put saline blast bowl first with peanut oil. Because peanut oil is extremely easy,be polluted by yellow aspergillus bacterium, the toxin of bacterium of yellow music corrupt that contains certain amount thereby, reason should put saline blast bowl first. Can reduce toxin of yellow aspergillus bacterium greatly so.

Make food with lard, can put half salt first, with the incomplete allowance of organic chloric pesticide in purify lard, making food after that salt of intermediate rejoin other in part, with reducing the saline destruction to nutriment as far as possible.

Frying make the pork kind when dish, fry to salt is put when eight maturity best, can make the flesh kind fry tenderly.

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