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New student icteric it is how to return a responsibility

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Major new student (the mature of about 60% , the premature of 80% ) begin 3 days to be in in the 2 ~ after be born mucous membrane of the skin, oral cavity and white part appear to spend Huang Ran gently, and control and arch do not appear commonly Huang Ran, huang Ran at the 4th ~ 5 days the heaviest, mature in the 7 ~ after be born subsidise of 10 days of proper motion, premature can be delayed be late the 2nd ~ after be born 3 Zhou Cai subsidise, during this children sucks the breast, Morpheus and grow circumstance all good, relieve oneself color is normal, also do not have other unwell expression, if check blood, criterion mature of chroma of serum total bilirubin do not exceed 205umol/L(or 12mg/dl) , premature not to exceed 256umol/L(or 15mg/dl) , this kind of phenomenon is called " physiology sex is icteric " .
The reason of unripe rational and icteric generation is many sided, because in fetal phase fetal oxygen needs to furnish through the mother's body,basically be, oxygen contrasts lack, then the need in fetal blood has more red blood cell to compensate every red blood cell to take the inadequacy that oxygen measures. After children is born, built oneself breath, will absorb oxygen directly through oneself, aerobic supply is sufficient, need overmuch red blood cell to take oxygen no longer, then redundant red blood cell is destroyed by children airframe, produced the bilirubin of excessive; Additional, outside wanting to rely on liver to change ability eduction system as a result of bilirubin, and hepatic this kind changes a function to be in new student period still diseased, assume this job completely feebly, together with new student normal alvine path bacterium group outside body of the eduction after the bilirubin that had be notted build and cannot emit into classics bile bowel to is changed further. Then, the shows yellow bilirubin of excessive is with respect to accumulation in blood, when more than one ration, catch the skin, mucous membrane and the white of the eye into yellow.
Physiology sex is icteric do not have an influence commonly to children health, do not need special processing.
If children appears the first day after be born icteric, or icteric and overweight, or icteric duration is too long (exceed afore-mentioned general and normal range) , or appear repeatedly, may not be physiology sex icteric, should ask doctor make a diagnosis and give treatment.

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