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How to undertake decontamination of freezer inside and outside

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After freezer uses period of time, there always are contamination and bacterium inside box, can pollute food, so 1-3 of general every other the month should be cleaned.

Clean freezer appropriate clean below the power cut position that just changing Wan Shuang. Had better use soft cloth or foam rubber or plastic, the water that touchs some of dissolve to have catharsis spirit or neuter suds are swabbed. Swab a paper strip for sealing of surface of freezer inside and outside, evaporator, door to wait, make they keep clean from beginning to end.

When cleaning freezer, avoid by all means uses the chemical dissolvent with hard brush and mordant belt to clean, for example benzine, household cleanser, alcohol, day takes water, soap powder and hot water to wait.

The dirt of cryophorus and compressor surface can be blown with the tool such as pump except, do not swab with water or wet dishcloth, lest affect electric insulation.

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