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Shenzhen confinement nurses common sense

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Postpartum be short of breast, weigh postpartum and galactic inadequacy again, it is quantity of the lactescence after showing the woman is borne little or without lactescence character.
1. The pathogeny and manage of hair interpretation of the cause are galactic lack, much because the body is frail, the source of the biochemistry that enrage blood is insufficient, do not have breast to be able to fall; Yi Ke because liver gloomy stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, galactic moving suffocate suffocate, breast must not fall.
(1) gas blood is frail and galactic be born to what blood changes, bilk gas to move. Gas blood originates water cereal essence of life is tiny, if taste is frail, biochemical source is insufficient, answer because childbirth is exsanguine overmuch, send gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it to lose eventually, cannot go up change galactic, consequently galactic very little or devoid.
(2) two breast connect liver gloomy stagnation of the circulation of vital energy at liver. Postpartum affection annals not free, gloomy of diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain writtens guarantee, acerbity sluggish of passages through which vital energy circulates, block up is galactic move, consequently galactic lack, do not have breast even. Modern medicine thinks, this ill likelihood and mammary gland structure are undesirable, puerpera mood is not stable, lactation method is undeserved, frail or the constitution is anaemic about.
2. Diagnostic point
Clinical expression
(1) gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it is weak model. Postpartum and galactic very little, even is devoid, galactic Qing Dynasty is rare, mammary softness, without bilge feeling, patient complexion is little China or yellow and not lustre, body tired is lack of power, enrage idle talk less, feed little, the tongue is qualitative weak, liver mosses is little.
(Stagnation of the circulation of vital energy of 2) liver gloomy. Postpartum lactescence is little, even is devoid, or already went and abrupt break down, the breast bilges hard and painful, pectoral coerce bilges frowsty, be apt to heaves a sigh, affection annals is depressed, accept is little, the tongue is qualitative normal or coating on the tongue is a bit yellow.
(3) is differentiated diagnose this disease to should be differentiated with lacteal carbuncle photograph. Lacteal carbuncle although lactescence quantity is little, but its come on first when namely aversion to cold gives out heat, the breast bilges hard, red and aching, afterwards criterion fester;burst;ulcerate;festers defeat carbuncle, be short of breast not to have this disease, can grant to differentiate.
3. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is treated
(1) gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it is weak model appropriate filling gas raises blood, zun Yitong breeds. The red that connect breast adds decrease: Ginseng 15 grams the root of remembranous milk vetch 20 grams angelica 20 grams the tuber of dwarf lilyturf 20 grams akebi 15 grams the root of balloonflower hoof of 10 grams pig 1 (boil first) . Decoct takes law ibid.
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