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33 plan, let darling not be short of a vitamin

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Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D, it is the common vitamin with indispensable baby, once lack will be affected,grow development. Because vitamin D is in food content is very few, more what is more,the rather that the gastric bowel path of baby is very puerile still, can eat only very few a few kinds simple complementary feed, but should bask to won't be lacked more only, did not say more here.
As to how to let baby absorb these vitamins from inside food? The face has a lot of knowledge here, these 33 coup can let baby under these vitamins are short of inside body.
Defend the excellent plan that lacks vitamin A
1, pregnant mammy should begin to eat the food that contains a lot ofvitamin A more from pregnancy, lactation mammy also should notice to be absorbed from inside food, can avoid A of vitamin of the lack inside body so, affect baby secondhand.
2, eat the food that contains a lot ofvitamin A to baby more, the attention arranges these food more in the cookbook of baby.
3, although plant sex food is medium,do not contain vitamin A, but rich carotene is contained however in plant sex food, it can be changed into vitamin A inside human body. Eat sweet potato of the green vegetable that contains a lot ofcarotene, carrot, tomato, hearts, corn and orange to wait to baby more, attainable rich vitamin A.
4, reasonable raise has after baby is born, the main reason that lacks vitamin A mostly by feed undeserved cause. Must hold to mother milk feed, do not want to abandon easily.
5, if baby is premature or it is to accept artificial raise, lack vitamin A more easily than normal baby, take cod-liver oil a few earlier to be able to prevent the shortage inside body.
6, add in baby complementary feed level, the food that offers all sorts of taste more lets baby sample, can avoid baby to form so carry feed, the bad habit of partiality for a particular kind of food. Want to know, because carry,A of baby shortage vitamin is mostly feed, the undesirable habits and customs such as partiality for a particular kind of food and anorexia causes.
7, if baby suffers from chronic diarrhoea or other waste sexual disease, lack vitamin A more easily, but if seasonable cure can avoid,lack inside body.
Defend the excellent plan that lacks vitamin B1
8, if pregnant mammy and lactation mammy can notice to absorb thick food grains other than wheat and rice and the food that contain a lot ofvitamin B1 more, can avoid baby to lack vitamin B1 secondhand.
9, often do not take side of energy of rice of essence of life to baby, often eat face of choice of rice of essence of life to be able to increase vitamin B1 is used up inside body, the lack inside aggravating body.
10, rice of beyond the mark pan does not want when cooking, the water that also does not use flow rinses rice or had immersed rice in water long, should not exert oneself to do sth. with the hand gather is washed more, still answer as far as possible rice boiled of skimp baby draft, conduce to so those who reduce vitamin B1 is missing.
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