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The inspiration of poor child is taken in the United States

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When American study family is taught, having an obligatory course is " study on the spot " (Fieldstudy) . The main task of this class is twosome, contact an impoverished family through state government, offer for this family on the weekend " the side is helped up " service. We are contacted " the side is helped up " object Maggie is close mother of sheet of a white man.
She is bringing 5 children alone, live in slums of the outskirt austral Lincoln city in a trailer room, among them the smallest child Jason still is less than 4 years old. Press an agreement, we drive for the first time come south outskirt, found the home of Maggie at long last. That is the early morning that a drizzle fallings thick and fast, pluvial flower waved through shabby window trailer, it is children should change washed dress and scattering broken potato chips everywhere on dated floor. Maggie takes expressional ground to pull Jason scarcely give we. Jason begins to expecting somebody to receive him to go out to play several days ago. The brother elder sister of Jason envies the ground to looked at little little brother to get on a car with us. All the way, jason looks at the scenery of the drift outside car window curiously. We ask him, often come out to play previously? He tells us to say in a low voice: "Very few " . The word of Jason is very brief, use complete sentence rarely, with with age photograph of the gift of tongues is compared, have very big difference. After this 6 many months, every arrive on the weekend, the mallard that the grey crane that we take him to see the rise and fall in the flower that blossoms in the park, cornfield, lakefront has a good swim... every time will receive him, we can ask what he saw last week, want where to go to today, return the home to be shared with brother elder sister... crossed a few weeks, we feel the word of Jason is a lot of more apparently, sentential expression is more complete also. Come out Jason belt to give every time after Maggie we, also began to show long-unseen smiling face on the face... a year many hind, maggie because pay,do not have chummage and water charge of electricity, removed other state, we just lost connection with Jason. But during with Jason contact, still gave us a lot of inspiration:
Free expression Maggie is typical American poverty family, maggie is singlehanded propping up a home, answer excellent and very few conversation, jason often by desolate, do not have talking opportunity more in the home, he follows the communication of elder sisters of mother, brother at ordinary times, basically use " be " or " either " enough, the word is much, those who change is mother or brother elder sister normally scold. When the opportunity that lacks expression when a child, lost expressive appetite gradually. We look after children to outdoors go, let Jason loosen the mood, encourage the child to describe knowledge to the top of one's bent, the desire that the child expresses is aroused very quickly also. Let the child " be willing to say " , this is the foundation of ability of child language expression.
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