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Postpartum how dispel spot

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In pregnancy common facial pigment is ad cool-headed call Huang Heban, because it is mixed with nose needle two cheeks ministry is the most outstanding, and distributing symmetrically, appearance resembles butterfly, also call butterfly spot, secrete grow in quantity of male progestational hormone as a result of the placenta after be pregnant and it arises, because be put in individual difference, some pregnant woman spot are a few heavier, some is a few lighter. Male progestational hormone secretes the normal balance position that restores to be pregnant inside unripe postpartum body, the spot on major person face can be reduced naturally or disappear, but also somebody remain as before, this needs by inside undertake modulatory, and the always belongs to hairdressing to learn category of spot of a few dispel.
Method of current and popular spot of a few kinds of dispel:
1, laser dispel spot -- with; of advanced splash of laser instrument eliminate
2, spot of fruit acerbity dispel -- exfoliate with acid of high concentration fruit cuticular, relatively before chemistry exfoliates on the safe side, achieve " change skin " purpose;
3, grinding dispel spot -- the method that uses mechanical grinding, divide; of surface layer splash however
4, acupuncture dispel spot -- belong to category of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, adjust main and collateral channels, improve; of human body endocrine
5, medicaments dispel spot -- C of vitamin of profess to convinced, combine vein inject vitamin C;
6, spot of dispel of Chinese herbal medicine -- follow principle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, take the preparation of Chinese herbal medicine that provides corresponding function, adscititious apply Chinese herbal medicine face film, by inside and outside cure splash.
Dispel spot method is great, but the effect because of the person different. The union of the method that eliminates gravid Huang Heban the most safely, effectively at present or the spot of dispel of Chinese herbal medicine that belong to category of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture dispel spot, although this kind of method gets effective slow, but on the safe side, effect a permanent cure of take temporary solution, rebound not easily.
Eliminate Huang Heban to need proper time, its reduce also count numerous factor with development. Because this is in daily life, we should notice face of the following lower part, accomplish conserve union.
1, not urgent not impetuous is not blue, maintain gentle state of mind, good mood.
2, should assure enough sleep everyday.
3, the choice protects skin appropriately to taste.
(1) chooses natural ingredient and Chinese traditional medicine kind; of dispel spot cosmetic
(2) applies foundation cream, powdery cake has cover to splash, color of skin should be compared by chosen pink slightly deep, such ability are contractible spot and cutaneous chromatism, have cover effect.
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