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Gally can affect child psychology to develop

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The child that gally controls to those 2 years old is meeting get the desired result, but the sequential parents that such threatening think rarely however, if the child often is felt to take the heart by fear, spirit bears scar easily, progress continues, still may cause impediment, enuresis, insomnia, intellective stunt, have mind even luscious disease, affect the normal evolution of child psychology. Independent character of recreant be afraid of getting into trouble, cowardly incapacity, lack can be shown after some children are grown.
1~2 year old because the child lacks the life experience of experience of life, knowing the outside has some of thing can cause harm to oneself, actually, appear when the child of this age not obedient or it is antagonism when, parents should take revulsive kind, because they believe parents very, be the education that is willing to accept parents and advise usually.
Frighten the child that has created scared sense to lest, parents wants attentive observation child to fear what, try to eliminate his scared feeling from mentally, overcome intense sentiment. When be afraid that like the child night goes to sleep not easily, can tell him, mix by day night is same, without what terrible. Can close the lamp to watch TV together with the child at ordinary times, hear music, game is made in black room, make he contacts afraid thing and happy thing together, family member company also can make he produces safe move. Before falling asleep, can open the lamp temporarily, close temporarily, let the child house explore after all, do not be afraid of darkness stage by stage, slowly he can is used to alone sleep in the room that black out.
Must not cause the child's psychogenic disorder because of threatening, remember the word of an inchoate education expert please: "The interior outfit that does not let the child enters scared, anxious, sadness, hate, anger and dissatisfaction, the nerve of these moods and affection deleterious child, cause empty of body and mind to lose, the influence is healthy. The influence is healthy..


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