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Advocate poor dissimilation actively to teach

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One, unripe to A impression
A is born is 5 grade come around a of my school special student. Ever was declared to regard as greatly by some before enter a school " prodigy " report, the cognizant before going to school 30 thousand much Chinese character, still learned elementary school maths. Hind because of a variety of reasons, intellectual level, behavior behaves can care, be reported to be by this newspaper again " of prodigy die young " .
Classmaster evaluation, this unripe motion ability is poor, coarse; attends class in achievement never raise one's hand
Make a speech, but when ought not to saying, make a speech casually, influence classroom discipline and education order; like mischievous; dishonesty, contradiction is created between teacher, parent.
After the expert makes an on-the-spot investigation, think, this unripe inchoate and intellective development is better, have observe certainly and consider differentiate ability. But mathematical thinking and computational ability are general, language, socialization and force of carry kinetic energy are poorer, introvert, close.
Classmate report: Should give birth to not viceregal discipline, attend class not Chinese of; of attend a lecture is OK still, maths and English are no good; shoulds not group of things that; can do ordinary person expect to be less than sometimes.
Parent evaluation: The child 4 years old of ripe backs textbook of 5 grade Chinese, a month learns copy maths easily. Be troubled by especially in the home, adult is in charge of. The educational environment of original school goes against the child to grow, teacher level is too low.
2, the analysis of strange to A case
Why is prodigy in elementary school phase " die young " ? Via considering to discover: Because a few contradiction are couldn't get for a long time,this is solve, make develop the result of get into trouble.
Should be born in those days as exceed constant children to enter average elementary school, what learn knowledge to be the same as more than far age person, but he must not be on bad terms they are same, custom ground sits in same classroom, accept the knowledge that already had learned. This makes he cannot be satisfied curious be about to mix expressional desire, did not have interest to learning gradually, bring about do not wish attend a lecture, do not defend a series of issues such as discipline.
Although study intelligence is tall,should be born, but other side development is unknown. Move especially and truck capacity and compare with age person, the likelihood is in inferior position. In the meantime, the parent and original school fail good communicate and cooperate, solve the problem in unripe study and this communication in time. Ego knows inadequacy, the contrast of environment of together with reality, hit obstacle of traditional authority of; of this unripe study enthusiasm education between teachers and students effective communication, the overall that the parent teachs to the school is negative, make should give birth to study and communication more hasten is inactive, form close disposition.
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