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Develop whole journey of child music talent to plan

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Musical intelligence (Musical Intelligence) : Point to pair of rhythm, tone, air, tonal susceptibility. Include to be aware of in the center, discern, the ability of expression, appreciation and creation. Have the delegate person of musical intelligence most: Jackson of · of Er of Mozart, Michael.
Develop musical intelligence of the child, should have jumped over earlier, but " early " not be to say at the beginning must the child learns to play musical instrument, learn vocal music of what.
Because the nurturance of musical intelligence is the process of an exert a subtle influence on, the action of any eager for quick success and instant benefit cannot be taken, the environment that a music creates to the child under photograph comparing is more important.
It is the first turning point that develops darling music intelligence, must not miss the main chance that has musical prenatal education to darling. According to Siteman musical institute reputation taught Duolade Xietele to do a famous prenatal education test before. This experiment lasted 14 years, conclude finally: Children of group of musical prenatal education has more musical talent than doing not have the children of group of musical prenatal education, study is better also, after undertaking to darling musical prenatal education is opposite in time so, darling is in the cognitive power development of musical respect has distinct effect.
0 ~ is 2 years old:
This one phase basically is education darling the perceptive force to music and perception. Make the child much listen especially, hear all beautiful music, can observe he has the talent of musical respect from which, or he has interest to music.
Be attracted extremely the sensitivity that the child that has musical talent basically shows pair of music in this one phase, easily by musical place. Hear a paragraph of beautiful music when he cries boisterously for instance, he can balk cry be troubled by, attention can change music that respect goes. If your darling appears this kind of interest to music, so congratulation you, your darling may have very strong music intelligence to waiting to be developed!
2 ~ is 3 years old:
This one phase is before one phase actually is outspread and consolidate, at that time darling hears music to may want to be able to 't help the ground as musical happy to dance. Right now you want the rhythm move of special education child, the music that hears to him can be rhythm sex is stronger, can cause darling more so the interest to music.
In the meantime, the rhythm that you notice to darling follows music well and truly even has dance lightly.
3 ~ is 4 years old:
Can let the child practice allowing a side to melody, sound from pure rhythm excessive, can let him cooperate composition to contact music score. Learning electronic musical instrument is the choice with this one right period, because electronic musical instrument is in,rhythm, air, sound allows and respect of interest of education child music has very big effect.
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