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Inchoate education begins from Mu Ying communication

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A lot of parents just can talk to teach in the child sing poem of children's song, back to wait, have inchoate education, with period develop intelligence at an early date. Actually, this still does not calculate early, infantile period is in in the child, know when to eat and sleeping, should undertake intelligence was developed only.
Infantile period child and maternal contact are most, nature of this one important task falls on maternal body. Yue Erlang of Japanese M.d. tall bridge undertook study to discover to this, normal inchoate education, should only then at 4 kinds of communication between Mu Ying.
Tactile communication: The touch between Mu Ying communicates, the commonnest is the mother receives breast for the baby. Because, sucking already was to be a baby to offer not simply grow the nutrition of development, and the tactile generation that knows greatly for the baby and development offer a condition. The baby is mixed with edge of its most sensitive quarrel, lip cheek, leaning close the breast of maternal warmth, generation safety, can sweet in cerebrum information is exciting, this intellectual to its growth removes catalysis. The mother often is touched, the hug is pressed the skin contact that generates, also can achieve similar result. Gao Qiao's research discovers, come down to lose the baby of afore-mentioned communication all one's life, meet in growing process expression is cool, stunt, disposition is dissocial and difficult with with age get along well.
Visual communication: The baby is born to was controlled in January, retina has been formed, but the center is sunken have not development is mature, its are apart from reason it is thus clear that won't exceed 40 centimeters, visible area be confined to 45 degrees, can see an eye only almost ahead. Nevertheless, right now they to person face, especially person eye already had identify ability. The mother is in sucking when, total meeting discovers infantile edge eats an edge to use the eye is orthoptic his eye, this is the visual need in process of infantile affection development. Accordingly, the baby can be in suck the breast speed and on the quantity that eat a milk, the standard; that obtains a need loses this kind of communication, when its eat milk, can frequent face about shakes its head, irritating even. Of course, divide sucking beyond, inspect communication with infantile oppose more at ordinary times, can get Yan Er's sweet smile mostly, be beneficial to development of its mental health thereby. To the baby of artificial feed, the mother is when use feeder is sucking, duer this kind of vision communication.
Olfactory communication: Biology considers to confirm, the mankind comparatives in the vision after developing, smell began to degrade. But, infantile smell is quite acute however. The baby that just was born a few days, can hear the stand or fall that gives taste. In the experiment, the cloth that if cross dip,the mother breeds piece stand by a baby heretical, the baby can stop to cry and make the gesture that finds milk immediately. As a result of the baby can smell out is a mother, gao Qiao of reason Japan scholar puts forward, infantile period is accompanied by the mother sleep can produce benign stimulation, be helpful for its intelligence development. He points out, the sort of keeping that change the baby that accompanies the person that sleep, psychology often is in nervous condition, morpheus time and quality all drop substantially. This is adverse to development of its heart body, serious person can cause infantile stunt and infancy psychogenic disorder.
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